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Fresh water is at the core of good health, but many of the people who live in developing countries lack the sources of fresh water that can help them to maintain good health. Read on to learn more about the connection between health and fresh water in countries that are still developing.

Because stagnant water is a huge problem in certain geographical areas, humanitarian organizations have begun helping by providing options for residents who need a source of fresh, clean water. A Read the rest of this entry »

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The dire consequences of global warming are a real concern for all of us. The problem is so huge that many of us feel almost helpless in the face of it.

But there are ways in which we can all change our lifestyles and reduce our carbon footprint that will help slow climate change. For one thing, we can try very hard to stop using fossil fuels, such as coal and oil. Instead, we need to focus on using natural energy from the Read the rest of this entry »

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Many parents complain about global warming being taught in public schools. However, there are many activists and other parents who support the schools. It is important that your child learns about the world they live in. They should understand how global warming can impact their future. Without global warming education, children will not take steps to prevent future global warming. This issue can have significant consequences if nothing is done to improve the environment. Children learn a Read the rest of this entry »

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Recycling has become a popular way for people to be more environmentally conscious. It is an easy way to help the environment. Most cities provide you with the supplies you need to start recycling. Recycling can help save our planet by lowering the amount of trash we need to store in landfills. This can lower harmful gas emissions because the trucks that haul trash for cities will have less trash to haul. This saves a lot of money.

Certain manufacturing companies love to recycle their waste. This allows them to manufacture more goods at a lower cost. Recycled bits Read the rest of this entry »

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Green products are becoming popular in the age of environmentalism. Biodegradable products have gained tremendous popularity in recent years in western countries. The term biodegradable means that a product can be broken down into its basic chemical composition by bacteria in a natural or controlled environment. Biodegradable bags are considered great green products because they make excellent alternatives to traditional plastic bags. The use of biodegradable bags eliminates tons of piles of material that would otherwise pile up in landfills around the world.

Other popular green consumer products are solar Read the rest of this entry »

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Changing Values Regarding the Environment
It’s seems unimaginable that the United States government allowed dumping of chemicals onto industrial properties, in oceans, rivers, lakes and streams. Deliberate ignorance of the massive damage to wildlife and forests seems incredible. Lumber mills dumped chemicals into rivers and streams and runoff from drilling and mining sites defoliated forests and killed fish and game. Tons of garbage and human waste were allowed to flow into waterways like the Hudson River and Great Lakes. Read the rest of this entry »

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As an individual, you can do a lot of different things that can reduce the negative effects your daily life contributes to the planet. Start by making some changes throughout your household. Turn your thermostat a few degrees lower during the winter and a few degrees higher during the summer. Use hot water only when it’s essential for washing laundry and dishes or taking a shower. If you can afford it, install a solar panel heating system for your water.

Recycle as much as possible materials like paper, cardboard, plastic and metal. Learn how Read the rest of this entry »